Your Consultation

Denise, your therapist will identify the right treatment for you, ask you questions about your lifestyle, stress levels, skin problems and treatments that you have had in the past.  Please inform  us of any health conditions, allergies or injuries that could affect your treatment choice.

Relaxation and Post Treatment

Denise will give you any specific advice after your treatment, and also on carrying on the good work back at home.  Do take time to relax after your treatment, as this will ensure you get maximum benefit from the aromatherapy oils.


Our specifically designed treatments provide you with peace of mind that our treatment is perfect for you.  Time to pamper yourself, to relax and unwind. Please ask for details to discuss your specific requirements from myself, a qualified Midwife


Offering  experience and dedication to the promotion of an holistic philosophy which benefits both the physical and psychological well-being of individuals, rather than treating only the diseased part.  My aim is your well being, to offer quiet relaxation time for your mind, body and spirit to facilitate healing



My aim is for you to relax, feel good & reduce stress. To treat people, not the symptoms


Gift Vouchers

The perfect gift, whatever the occasion.

Personalised vouchers, available to a value of your choice, or a specific treatment.




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