Bach Flower Essence Remedies

What can flower essences do for me?
If you’re:

  • stressed
  • feeling tired
  • suffering from physical illness
  • feeling out of balance
  • bereaved or
  • suffer from Panic Attacks

If things always seem to go wrong in your life. Then flower essences tailored to meet your needs may be the way forward…

Flower Essence Remedies

Using nature to aid our healing.
A personalised prescription is formulated just for you following a consultation.
The essences work on the layers of emotions that have become ‘trapped’ during our lifetime to bring back balance and harmony to our mind, body and spirit.
Flower remedies are not a quick fix, they are a catalyst for change and growth. When the problems are serious ones, the flower remedies complement other forms of healing, like counselling, bodywork and energy healing.

What are Flower Essence Remedies?

The healing properties of flowers is an ancient art, spanning many cultures, and centuries. They are not something new. Dr Bach rediscovered flower essences in the 1930’s and like all the great healers such as Hippocrates, Paracelsus, Aristotle and Hahnemann; they all believed that good health was the result of emotional, spiritual and mental harmony.


The individual healing vibration of each flower essence works energetically to help release and heal our out of balance personality patterns. As Dr.Bach rediscovered in the 1930’s it is these out of balance mental and emotional patterns (any negative thought patterns for instance) that are the underlying causes of illness and disease. Healing and transforming our consciousness in this way promotes healing at all levels of our being, mind, body & spirit.
Flower essences are safe and powerful catalysts that anyone can use and they do not interact with or affect conventional medicine or any other remedies.


Remember I am a fully qualified flower essence practitioner holding a Diploma through the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association, so unlike buying adhoc remedies from the pharmacy which may or may not work for you, I can tailor a prescription from my stock of international flower essences which currently include the Bach, Aquarius , Soul Quintessence, Korte, Findhorn, Light Body and the Flower Essence Society ranges to meet your needs. If you have any questions about the essences, or the treatment, then please do not hesitate to ask, that is what I am here for.

Postal Prescription

Postal Prescriptions are available nationally andinternationally. Telephone consultation, hairsample or photo required first, to tailor the flower essence specifically to meet you individual needs. If you require futher information please telephone for details.

Flower essences are dilute extracts of various flowers and plants
 that contain the healing energies of the flowers from which they are made. In the words of Dr. Bach “they cure by flooding our bodies with beautiful vibrations of Higher Nature which melt disease like snow in the sunshine”. They are similar to homeopathic remedies.


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